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A friend once told me that he felt terrible about using biodegradable doggie bags and then stuffing them into a plastic kitchen bag. That stayed with me until I found this wonderful product. First the positive: it's a great value for the money, lots and lots of bags for the money, a variety of sizes for every occurrence (yard, pets and kitchen.) Plus, they work just as well as those kitchen bags from Cosco. My only complaint (and it's not that big at all) is that it would make me happier if the bags were shipped in one big box instead of 5 small boxes (which by the way, are by themselves very nice and would actually make a nice gift to someone that doesn't use bio bags.) No, you will not get 5 individual shipments, you will get one box with 5 small boxes inside. Either way, this is a great product. Do the right thing!! - J. Gabriel Madrigal

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Symphony Environmental USA - d2w additive technology

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Oxo-degradable additive firm Symphony Environmental has signed a 25-year distribution agreement with Symphony Environmental USA for its d2w and d2p additives.

Symphony CEO Michael Laurier

Symphony Environmental, which operates in 92 countries through 63 distributors, said that this deal was a major milestone for the firm.

The core of Symphony’s business is a suite of chemical formulations called d2w, which breaks down plastic into tiny molecules at the end of its life and eventually biodegrades completely.

Under the deal, Symphony Environmental USA will exclusively distribute and market Symphony’s d2w and d2p additives in the USA. Both firms are also planning a major joint press relations campaign throughout the US.

Symphony chief executive Michael Laurier said: “We are delighted to announce the signing of the US distribution agreement covering an important new market for Symphony and are pleased to have negotiated a long-term commitment from our chosen distribution partner.”

Symphony Environmental USA chief executive Tim Murtaugh added: “We are excited to become members of Symphony’s worldwide distribution network and are planning to invest substantial funds and effort in order to promote Symphony’s technologies in the US.”

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NH Hoteles switches to oxo biodegradable plastics

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On the other day, one of our staff browsed the internet and surprising, we found this ( the carbon calculator from a hotel chain, which is NH Hotel chain, the most fast growing hotel chains on the world that creats a lot of excitement for the customers. Guess what, we found their green initiatives right at the hotel room, they are all biodegradable and made with d2w controlled-life plastic technology (know more about d2w).

This week the hotel chain, with just shy of 400 hotels across Europe, the Americas, and Africa, will announce its intent to have suppliers switch from standard thermoplastics to ones loaded with a special additive that causes thermoplastics to oxo-biodegrade at a controlled rate.    

NH Hoteles, based in Spain, has 399 hotels with over 60,000 rooms in 24 countries across Europe, America, and Africa.

NH Hotel resized 600

What's the benefit of switching to oxo biodegradable packaging?

  • It's too expensive and not feasible to go compostable, bio-based, or ASTM D 6400 compliant biodegradable, and oxo biodegradable is the only affordable choice for the fast growing hotel group. 
  • NH hotel convert their lawndry bags and shampoo bottles, bath gel bottles all to oxo biodegradable - this is the first green initiative ever in Europe to go green and at the same time, the news update is spreading all over the world through the oxo biodegradable distributors and this increase the awareness of NH Hotel in Asia and in the US.
  • Marriot has also converted its "lawndry" bags to oxo biodegradable and we hope to help more business (hotel, restaurant, airlines) to convert all their disposable packaging to oxo biodegradable.

For more information, please visit and contact us

an example of oxo biodegradable garbage bags from USA : EZ Bagz

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EZ Bagz biodegradable

Sometimes green products need to create and add extra value, surprises to consumers, not just green, but need to be "something different" and "cool". We see a lot of great examples of oxo biodegradable bags in USA (CVS earth essential, Perf Go Green, Bags on Board, Out, and some home brands in Sam's Club ), here we would like to share with you one of those that create the most excitement to consumers. (more successful stories)

EZ Bagz are "Cradle to CradleSM" certified, a classification used to describe environmentally-intelligent designs using materials that, once utilized, can be disposed of in any natural environment and decompose into the soil, providing food for small life forms without affecting the natural environment. Biodegradability of Degradable Plastics has been tested and proven to comply with ISO14855 standard defined as "Determination of the ultimate aerobic biodegradability and disintegration of plastic material under controlled composting conditions - Method by analysis of evolved carbon dioxide."

EZ Bagz are there when you need them!

Instead of having to replace a trash bag each time one is removed, EZ Bagz offers a convenient solution by nesting 12 bags into one thoughtfully engineered unit. Secured with an EZ Fit™ elastic flex band, the 12-bag pack stays put in your trash container while you remove each top bag, leaving a fresh bag ready to use immediately. No more worries about finding a bare trash container when you want to throw something away - EZ Bagz are always there when you need them!

The EZ Bagz system is internationally patented* and received the “Product of the Year” award at the annual National Association of Chain Drug Stores (NACDS) Show. EZ Bagz has also been named a finalist in the 2010 Housewares Design Awards competition.
*US and Foreign Patents #7,080,750 and #6,102,239

EZ Bagz are affordable! Priced right because of our revolutionary patented manufacturing process, EZ Bagz are the most affordable truly eco-friendly trash bags available on the market today. When you factor in the added convenience of EZ Bagz, the value is heads above the competition.

a example of oxo biodegradable cap for disposable bottles

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        biodegradable earth cap go green

Here, we would like to share an example of applying oxo biodegradable technology to disposable bottle caps, sounds very different if you first time heard of it, and this is a very interesting idea from NorlandGreen. They have created three colors which are very earthy, and they've showed case their testing process to demonstrate to customers what's going to happen after the safe service life of the oxo biodedegradable products - controlled-life plastic technology. (more examples)

Go Green – Earth-Cap. (

  • Earth Smart - Degrades in 5 to 10 years, while other caps can take hundreds of years to degrade.
  • Eco-Safe – Decomposes to a natural earth-friendly state.
  • Environmentally-Smart – Fully recyclable.

How it Works – Degradation of the Norland Earth-Cap

The formulation used in the Norland Earth-Cap, contains a proprietary mixture of:

• a pro-oxidant
• a photo-initiated initial degradation inhibition element
• a secondary bio-degradation initiator.

This unique formulation has been developed to give the plastic cap, an in-house storage shelf life of approximately 24 months. There is a further “dwell time”, of around 6 months after disposal. This is followed by a rapid breakdown of polymer properties resulting in acute embrittlement, after 36 months from disposal. The three stages of the cap breakdown are classified as follows:

1. Embrittlement - After the cap is used, and then disposed, the embrittlement process begins. This embrittlement is activated primarily by sunlight, and/or heat generated within a landfill. The embrittlement process is similar visually to that of a shattered windshield-where the plastic cap begins fragmenting into small pieces. Scientifically, the molecular weight of the polymer chain has been reduced, thus increasing the microbial accessibility, and eventual bio-digestion.

2. Micro-fragmentation – this is the further fragmentation of the embrittlement stage into smaller fragments, which then begins the bio-digestion. This micro-fragmentation of the polymer chain promotes the growth of microbial colonies to expedite the biodegradation.

3. Bio-digestion – Is the consumption of the micro-fragmentation pieces, by the microbial colonies, resulting in the Earth-Cap being ultimately consumed.

For more information or need project assistance, please contact us

how to logically market oxo biodegradable plastic products?

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  •  This is what the oxo biodegradable world claim:

The Oxo-biodegradable Plastics Association exists to provide information to encourage greater understanding of oxo-biodegradable plastic technology and the role it can play in protecting the environment for future generations. The Association continues to grow - it now has 87 members in 72 countries. Members are manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, and commercial end-users of oxo-biodegradable plastic. It is proud to have on its Scientific Advisory Board some of the world's most distinguished experts in this field of chemistry. Oxo-biodegradable plastic technology provides the safest, most cost-effective method of degrading plastic, with control over the degradation time.

epi, d2w,

  • This is what the hydro biodegradable / compostable world claim:

BioBag products are BPI certified to meet the ASTM D 6400 specification.

When it comes to making marketing claims regarding a product's biodegradable or compostable attributes, the ASTM D 6400 is the industry's gold standard. The ASTM D 6400 is the North American equivalent of the European EN 13432. Both specifications require that biodegradable products completely decompose in a composting setting in a specific time frame, leaving no harmful residues behind.

It is important to note that the ASTM D 6400 is an ASTM specification, meaning specific results must be attained to receive certification. Some manufacturers, who have not met the ASTM D 6400 specification, may reference other ASTM standards to promote their products. Usually, these companies will reference the ASTM 6954 or the ISO 14855 as proof that they have surpassed some standard for biodegradation. In fact, the ASTM 6954 and the ISO 14855 are standard procedures to be followed for conducting tests and have no pass/fail requirements for heavy metal content or a product's ability to disintegrate.

                  compost pail

The ASTM D 6400 is currently the ultimate test for a biodegradable product's ability to decompose in ideal composting conditions. Think about it. If a product can't "go away" after being ground up, tumbled, heated to 165 degrees, and placed in the optimum setting for decomposition, a well-run composting site, would it meet most consumers beliefs of what a biodegradable product should be?

Because of the number of unsubstantiated claims in the marketplace, the State of California (see California Law) enacted into law a requirement that products sold in California must meet the ASTM D 6400 specification to claim any "biodegradable qualities." In fact, the state now requires the word "compostable" to be used to define a product's ability to decompose.

epi, d2w, revert, bio        revert, biodegradable         d2w, epi, biobags

Actually, both parties are correct and are reasonable to promote the best benefit of the technology to serve the purpose of the green products:

When do we need oxo biodegradable/ oxo degradable:

  1. if the bag is not going to end in compost, then we want it to degrade faster, instead of leaving in landfill, ocean, mountains for more than 400 years.
  2. if the bag need strength and factory cannot change the process, but really need an alternative to go green or become greener.
  3. if the bag is going to end in compost, for example to tailor to local compost program, to make compost food waste into organic energy, then oxo biodegradable supplier should make consumer 100% understand the oxo bags cannot be used to serve the compost purpose

When do we need hydro/ compostable plastics:

  1. if the product is going to compost facility for sure, then the compost bag will be required to meet the local compost regulations (for example, in California) - fit the purpose
  2. but if the product is not going to be disposed in "compost", since compostable bags will not degrade in non-compostable environment, so it will become a pollution too, some compostable product supplier need to stress for consumer's understanding and really make compost bags fit the purpose.
Besides from compostable plastics, oxo biodegradable plastics, there is also "degradable plastics" which only make plastics to break down into small flakes and pieces due to the material is only design to break down into small pieces without changing the material structure, without transforming the material into bio-assimilated materials. So, it's very important to consumers to look at the product packaging for details whether the bags are made by certified technologies, proven test results, and endorsed by recognized organization that support the technology from professional and knowledgable advisory board.

why not plastics? face the reality and find the solution now!

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In recent years we have seen plastic bags provided by grocery stores and other retailers. Some countries have levied a tax on the use of these retail carrier bags while others have banned their use outright. The movement against these bags looks like the elimination of plastic bags would solve all of the earth’s pollution problems. This line of thinking is naive to the extreme.

epi tdpa bags

Walk down any aisle of any grocery store anywhere in the world and you will be surrounded by plastic products that improve the quality of our life – shampoo and laundry detergent bottles, bread bags, cookie and candy packaging, milk jugs, mustard, vinegar, spices and other condiment containers, produce bags, meat, fish and cheese packaging, paper towel and bathroom tissue packaging, and on and on and on. What about all these plastic products? Don’t they also represent potential plastic pollution?

Or have we conveniently ignored all these other plastic products that we find so useful every day?

The reality is that plastic products are deeply embedded in our everyday lives and there is no viable substitute on the horizon. As a result plastic products will continue to be an integral part of our lives for the foreseeable future. But plastic bags represent just a very small part of a much larger concern.

When plastic products have served their useful purpose, like most items that are considered to be “garbage” they end up in landfill sites mixed with other garbage. Much of this garbage is contained in traditional plastic garbage bags which may take hundreds of years to break down, entrapping their contents and preventing them from breaking down as well, and clogging our limited landfill space as a result. In reality these garbage bags represent a much bigger problem than plastic carrier bags. Fortunately there is a solution. (epi-global website)

Greener Family Holiday: 3R to Go Green

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Family holidays can be both green and fun. And if you stay close to home, they’re likely to be cheaper and more eco, too. (however, it's not always possible, so don't worry, here we are going to share with more some alternative ways to make yourself less quilty)

Take the train

Staying local is the simplest way to make your family holiday kinder to the planet.

Taking the train from London to Lanzarote instead of flying to Marbella cuts your carbon footprint by 2.4 tonnes for a family of four people.

If you have to drive

If you do drive to your destination, park the car and leave it. Local initiatives like West Cornwall’s ‘Boot, bus and branchline’ make it easy for visitors to explore the area by public transport.

The National Cycle Network offers over 12,000 miles of walking and cycle routes on traffic-free paths, quiet lanes and traffic-calmed roads. To find a local route, visit Sustrans:

green holiday tesco

Greener places to stay

Find greener accommodation

Consider where you’ll be staying – the simpler the accommodation, the greener it’s likely to be. Look for places that:

  • recycle
  • use renewable energy
  • conserve water
  • source local or organic food
  • employ local people.

The Green Tourism Business Scheme lists over 1,400 environmentally-friendly places to stay and visit in England and Scotland. Go to

Farm stays

Feed the animals, eat home-grown produce or help with the fruit-picking – Featherdown Farm offers B&B or self-catering accommodation in idyllic rural settings and a chance to learn more about the countryside and the people who work in it.


The ultimate ecofriendly holiday, and a great budget option if you get back to basics with sleeping bags and primus stove. Search for a camp site, read reviews and share tips on life under canvas at For camp sites with great locations or spectacular views, try

There’s a great range of camping equipment at Tesco direct.

Staying under canvas doesn’t mean giving up your creature comforts. For a taste of ‘glamping’ (glamorous camping), Featherdown Farm offer luxury tents in traditional working farm settings.

Youth hostels

Not just for hikers and backpackers, youth hostels cater for families, too. Many are being revamped with en-suite rooms replacing dormitories. The newly built YHA National Forest eco-friendly hostel in Derbyshire is a great base for exploring the great outdoors.

Canal boats

Narrowboat holidays have a small carbon footprint and with constantly changing scenery, locks to work and plenty of wildlife to watch, they have bags of kid-appeal. Did you know that you can spend your Clubcard vouchers on a canal boat holiday? Find out more at here.

Greener holidays abroad

If you’re holidaying in Europe, think about taking the train rather than flying or driving.

Northern Spain, the South of France, the French Atlantic coast and even Sicily have some of the best beaches in Europe and can easily be reached by train and/or ferry. For information and tips on booking train travel in Europe (and beyond), visit

Green ratings

Keep an eye out for the leaf-shaped Travelife logo in mainstream holiday brochures – it’s awarded to hotels and travel companies that follow good green practices.

The Association of Independent Tour Operators (AITO) also promotes responsible tourism through a star-rating system – there are nearly 30 members with the top three-star rating.

From now on, your dog waste bags will not last forever

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dog pet space

J-Trend Systems now supplies biodegradable dog waste bags manufactured with oxo-biodegradable formula that have been fully tested and certified by oxo-biodegradable plastic association.Our oxo-biodegradable pet waste bags are economical and earth friendly. J-Trend Systems dog waste bags keep your environment clean and leave no harmful traces - 100% degraded. (for more information, please contact us:

d2w degradable

(assessment report:

Top 10 Tips for an Eco-Friendly Thanksgiving

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An eco-friendly Thanksgiving will enrich your family’s holiday experience, because you will know that you have made the world a little brighter by reducing your impact on the environment. And that’s something for which everyone can be thankful.

1. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

To make your Thanksgiving celebration as eco-friendly as possible, start with the three Rs of conservation: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

Reduce the amount of waste you produce by buying only as much as you need and choosing products that come in packaging that can be recycled.

Recycle paper, and all plastic, glass and aluminum containers. If you don’t already have a compost bin, use your Thanksgiving fruit and vegetable trimmings to start one. The compost will enrich the soil in your garden next spring.recycle plastics

2. Buy and Eat Locally Grown Food

Buying only locally grown food is one good way to have an eco-friendly Thanksgiving. Locally grown food is good for your table, your health and the environment. Locally grown food tastes better than food that has to be grown and packaged for maximum shelf life, and it requires less fuel to reach store shelves. 

3. Make Your Meal Organic

Using only organic food for your feast is another good eco-friendly Thanksgiving strategy. Organic fruits, vegetables and grains are grown without chemical pesticides and fertilizers; organic meat is produced without antibiotics and artificial hormones. 

4. Celebrate at Home

Skip the stressful holiday travel and celebrate an eco-friendly Thanksgiving at home.

5. Travel Smart

If you must go over the river and through the woods, there are still ways to have an eco-friendly Thanksgiving. If you drive, use less fuel and lower your emissions by making sure your car is in good working order and your tires are properly inflated.

If you fly, consider purchasing carbon credits to offset your portion of the carbon dioxide emissions generated by your flight. A typical long-haul flight produces nearly four tons of carbon dioxide.

6. Invite the Neighbors

The original Thanksgiving was a neighborly affair. Having survived their first winter in America only through the generosity of the native people who lived nearby, the Pilgrims of Plymouth Rock celebrated a bountiful harvest with a three-day feast to give thanks to God and their Indian neighbors.

Your neighbors probably haven’t saved your life, but chances are they have done things to make your life easier or more enjoyable. Inviting them to share your eco-friendly Thanksgiving is an opportunity to say thank you, and also to reduce auto emissions by keeping more people off the road or ensuring shorter trips.

7. Plant a Tree

Trees absorb carbon dioxide—a greenhouse gas that contributes to the greenhouse effectand global warming—and give off oxygen in return. Planting one tree may not seem to make much difference in the face of global climate change, but small things do matter. In one year, the average tree absorbs roughly 26 pounds of carbon dioxide and returns enough oxygen to supply a family of four.

8. Make Your Own Eco-Friendly Decorations

With a few simple supplies and a little imagination, you can make great eco-friendly Thanksgiving decorations and have a lot of fun in the process. Colored construction paper can be cut or folded into simple Pilgrim, turkey and harvest decorations. Later, the paper can be recycled.

Baker’s clay, made from common kitchen ingredients, can be shaped and molded into holiday figures and colored with non-toxic paints or food coloring. When my children were young, we used baker’s clay to make whimsical turkey, Pilgrim and Indian table decorations that drew compliments from our Thanksgiving guests for years.


9. Make it a Spiritual Day

The Pilgrims who celebrated the first Thanksgiving fled religious persecution in Europe to seek a better life in America. The Thanksgiving holiday was established to provide a national day of thanksgiving for all Americans. Even if you follow no particular religion, however, Thanksgiving is a good time to count your blessings, beginning with the many ways the natural environment sustains and enriches our lives.

As part of your eco-friendly Thanksgiving, make time for prayer, meditation, reflection, or perhaps just a walk in the woods to contemplate and give thanks for the wonders of nature.

10. Say Thank You

Whatever else you do on Thanksgiving, make it a time to say thank you to the people in your life who matter most and, if possible, to spend time in their company. Life is short, it is the moments that count most, and many of the best moments in life are those spent with friends and family.

If distance or circumstances prevent you from spending Thanksgiving with some of the people you love, call, email or write them a letter (on recycled paper) to tell them why they mean so much to you and how they make your world a better place.

closer again with the nature : use biodegradable plastics

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You must watch this video we recently created, it embedded the best country music we have heard recently, and when you listen to it, you will be brought to a new world to convince to get closer to the nature, it a 100% heart-touched music.

We now encourage everyone to take a look at where you live, look at the mountains, the ocean, rivers, and forests. Some animals were trapped by plastic waste, and ban plastic is not a solution, the solution is to give plastic a controlled safe service life, make them degrade naturally in any environment when the plastic are not disposed in the usual disposal stream.

Don't be afraid about the add-on cost, because the add-on cost is too small to be considered compared to any plastic polution or any wildlife that may be taken their life away. Biodegradable is affordable when people really work together and consider it as "necessary", it's like a iphone, when only 1 people buys it, it might be a million dollar, but within more than one million people buy it, then the cost can go down to $300. what a saving!

For more information about where to buy biodegradable plastic products, please contact us

For more information about what products we sell, please visit our green product show room!

biodegradable green sacks

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