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controlled-life plastic is designed to apply certain proprietary know-how of stablizer package to program and forecast the safe service life of oxo biodegradable plastics

Oxo biodegradable plastic technology is a controlled-life plastic technology, within the controlled safe service life, the plastic will be as good as ordinary plastic in terms of clarity, strength, sealiability, printability, and processibility; after the controlled safe service life, the plastic will oxidate, and then biodegrade - oxo-biodegradable platics.  

Tailored to different product applications, material properties, and required length of safe service life, J-Trend provide different turn key solutions that can be applied to different product categories that meet the market requirements. What does it really mean?

product type or application (check product database Product Database)

Different product type or application may need different pre-determined controlled-life plastic, for example bin liner may have shorter or long safe service life compared to drop cloths, there are quite a few conditions that are dependent on how long is the physical supply chain, how long is the usual storage time, how type of consumer usage or experience applied, what the product is used for and stored for how long.  

raw material type & manufacturing process

Different polymer material needs different additives grade to apply in order to maintain the physical properties in terms of clarity, printability, sealability, strength, and process stability.


required length of safe service life (contact us

Why it is important to understand the "required length of safe service life"? We would like to remind you that consumers may ask you, how long it last, when it will start to degrade, in what condition? The answer is, we offer professional services to support customer/distributors to determine the required length of safe service life. before it start to degrade, it will be as good as ordinary plastic, and we offer professional services to assist our customer/distributor to select the most feasible "controlled-life" during product development stage.


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Our reason for creating jtrend-systems® and promote degradable plastic bags is simple: We insist to provide products, information and inspiration that help people reduce, re-use and recycle. Starting with the controlled-life plastic technology, a simple step of have an insurance coverage of the everyday plastic you use. This creates a "mindset" to make sure when we utilize the advantage of plastic material, we also act responsibly to prevent any pollution it may possible bring to our environment. 

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J-Trend Systems, Inc. is a member of Oxo-biodegradable Plastic Association, Green America (formerly Coop America Business Network),The Organic Trade Association and a certified distributor and user of d2w controlled-life plastic technology

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