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Our internal quality control applies the hand-held d2Detector they will be able to do spot checks on the inclusion rate, and degradability. 

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Biodegradable Plastic

jtrend-systems™ products (commercially available) are certified by the Oxo-biodegradable Plastics Association. (OPA)

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d2w is the brand for controlled-life plastic which is designed to control and shorten the life of normal plastic products and packaging. d2w is a carefully researched and tested additive formulation which is added to normal plastic at the extrusion or casting stage of manufacture.

Symphony Environmental Ltd. is the world leader in Controlled-life Plastic Technology, and sold in the last year enough d2w additive to make more than 5 billion plastic products.

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We are a leading oxo biodegradable specialist supplying a broad range of biodegradable, eco-friendly packaging products.

Biodegradable raw film processing with certified and fully tested by oxo-biodegradable plastic association:

flexible packaging production (blow film): 18 extrusion lines, 20 bag sealing machines, 1 five color printing press, capacity 1000 metric tons per month, equates to 50 40' containers a month.

flexible packaging production (BOPP): using the most advanced BOPP equipments from Japan MHI and Germany Bruckner as well as high speed slitters from Kampf and Atlas. Certificated by ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, capacity 2000 metric tons per month, equates to 100 40' containers a month.

Rigidpackaging production: 3 injection production line, 1 internal moulding facilities, capacity 300 metric tons per month, equates to 12 40' containers a month.

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Our Green Supply Chain is fully integrated and capable to supplying all ranges of oxo-biodegradable plastic products, covering some rigid packaging and most of the flexible packaging. A well established supply chain of all authorized factories of degradable plastics, we have very close contacts in the country that matters most in our industry: China, Taiwan, and Vietnam.

We supply our buyers and customers with exclusive products, many of them created by our own Asian designers. We ship them from our own stock or directly form our factories in China, Taiwan, and Vietnam. Order Factory Direct and the containers will come your way directly from China without any hassle or red tape. That is because we take care of all contacts and formalities.

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Our reason for creating jtrend-systems® and promote degradable plastic bags is simple: We insist to provide products, information and inspiration that help people reduce, re-use and recycle. Starting with the controlled-life plastic technology, a simple step of have an insurance coverage of the everyday plastic you use. This creates a "mindset" to make sure when we utilize the advantage of plastic material, we also act responsibly to prevent any pollution it may possible bring to our environment. 

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J-Trend Systems, Inc. is a member of Oxo-biodegradable Plastic Association, Green America (formerly Coop America Business Network),The Organic Trade Association and a certified distributor and user of d2w controlled-life plastic technology

jtrend-systems® is a registered trademark of J-Trend Systems, Inc.

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