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The plastic does not just fragment, but is consumed by micro-organisms after the additive has reduced the molecular weight to sub 40,000 Daltons, and it is therefore "biodegradable." This process continues until the material has biodegraded to nothing more than CO2, water, humus, and trace elements. Oxo-biodegradable plastics are made from a by-product of oil refining which would otherwise be wasted. Oil is a finite resource, but the by-product is available because the world will need fuel for engines for the foreseeable future.

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jtrend-systems™ provides the total green turn key solution to plastic waste and disposable plastic products

In an effort to resolve the environmental problem, additives have been combined in certain ways with the polymeric compositions used to make plastics to increase the rate at which the plastic is degraded to environmentally friendly compounds. These additives, commonly called degradants, increase the rate of degradation of the plastic by increasing the rate of photodegradation, biological degradation, and/or chemical degradation. (debate with compostable plastics);

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The one or more degradants are often added to virgin polymer compositions by melting pellets or powder of the virgin polymer and adding the degradants to the melted polymer, mixing the degradants and polymer in an extruder to disperse the degradants within the polymer, and extruding the mixture into pellets or other useable form of the polymer. Typically the degradants are added in an amount of about 0.5 to 2 percent based on the weight of the polymer. The resulting extruded polymer containing the degradants is then used in latter manufacturing operations such as, extrusion, film blowing, or molding to produce a final article. The process of melting the polymer to add the degradants, however, is expensive. For example, the remelting step includes the high energy costs associated with providing sufficient heat to remelt the polymer and the manpower costs to perform the remelting step. Moreover, the process is detrimental to the quality of the final polymer blend itself, since each event of heating and melting a polymer adds to the heat history of the polymer and tends to result in some degradation of the polymer.

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[36~48 months] oxo biodegradable plastic technology causes ordinary plastic to convert at the end of its useful life to a completely molecular structure, which can be bio-assimilated in the same way as leaf.

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Our reason for creating jtrend-systems® and promote degradable plastic bags is simple: We insist to provide products, information and inspiration that help people reduce, re-use and recycle. Starting with the controlled-life plastic technology, a simple step of have an insurance coverage of the everyday plastic you use. This creates a "mindset" to make sure when we utilize the advantage of plastic material, we also act responsibly to prevent any pollution it may possible bring to our environment. 

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