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Our internal quality control applies the hand-held d2Detector they will be able to do spot checks on the inclusion rate, and degradability. 

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oxo biodegradable / degradable plastic products with 24 months controlled safe service life - start to degrade after 24 months

The useful life of jtrend-systems™ controlled-life products can be 'programmed' at the time of manufacture and typically includes some margin for flexibility, such as logistics, delivery, and storage. Recommended product ranges for having 24 months safe service life *.

  • Carrier bags or "shopper-bags" which consumers use to take away their purchases from the shop

  • Refuse sacks, which consumers buy in rolls at the shop, and use for disposal of their ordinary household waste.

  • Bags to contain dog faeces collected in parks, gardens, etc

  • Bin liners, gloves, Plastic sheeting for a variety of applications in agriculture and horticulture

  • Frozen food bags

  • Diapers (nappies), Shrink-wrap and pallet-wrap

  • "Bubble-wrap"

  • Rigid products such as bottles and cups

There are factors that can accelerate degradation, such as stress (stretching and tearing), heat and sunlight and, whilst the process of degradation cannot be stopped if oxygen is present, it can be considerably delayed by chilling or freezing. Appropriate - but not special - storage conditions and stock rotation are all that is needed. (request details of storage condition)


* 24 months programmed safe service life is the most popular and well-accepted application for oxo biodegradable plastic technology. Reason no. 1, "24 months" provide adequate supply chain operation flexbility for shipping, storage, and distribution. Reason no. 2, "24 months" is just right to protect our environment from plastic waste.  

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Our reason for creating jtrend-systems® and promote degradable plastic bags is simple: We insist to provide products, information and inspiration that help people reduce, re-use and recycle. Starting with the controlled-life plastic technology, a simple step of have an insurance coverage of the everyday plastic you use. This creates a "mindset" to make sure when we utilize the advantage of plastic material, we also act responsibly to prevent any pollution it may possible bring to our environment. 

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J-Trend Systems, Inc. is a member of Oxo-biodegradable Plastic Association, Green America (formerly Coop America Business Network),The Organic Trade Association and a certified distributor and user of d2w controlled-life plastic technology

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