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As recognized by the American Society for Testing and Materials, ( ASTM International ) standard guide D6954-04,oxo-biodegradable plastics return to the ecosystem via a 2-stage process.

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what is biodegradable plastic, oxo biodegradable plastic?

Degradable plastics are plastics that breakdown in appropriate conditions due either to bacterial activity (biodegradable and compostable plastics) or as a result of physical and chemical impact splitting into small pieces over varying periods of time. Examples of plastics that break down due to a combination of physical and bacterial activity are oil-based products such as polyethylene terephthalate (PET), polyethylene, polypropelene and polystyrene to which is added a proprietary mixture (for example, EPI or D2W) that accelerates the breakdown of the chemical structure in certain conditions.                                             

American Standard ASTM 6954 Approved for plastics that degrade with the combination of oxidation and biodegradation .

CEN (defined by TC249/WG9 of CEN, the European Standards Organisation): as "degradation identified as resulting from oxidative cleavage of macromolecules." And oxo-biodegradation as

"degradation identified as resulting from oxidative and cell-mediated phenomena, either simultaneously or successively."

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If people want to incinerate oxo-biodegradable products with heat recovery, or recycle them, or re-use them, then that can be done. The key point is what happens to the plastic which is not collected, and gets into the environment as litter. Conventional plastic will subsist in the environment for many decades, but oxo-biodegradable will degrade in a short time leaving no harmful residues.

The two main types of biodegradable plastics are oxo biodegradable and hydro-biodegradable. In both cases degradation begins with a chemical process (oxidation and hydrolysis respectively), followed by a biological process. Both types emit CO2 as they degrade, but hydro-biodegradable can also emit methane. Both types are compostable, but only oxo-biodegradable can be economically recycled. How does it work? See through micro-scope.

It is important to distinguish between the different types of biodegradable plastic, as their costs and uses are very different.

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Our reason for creating jtrend-systems® and promote degradable plastic bags is simple: We insist to provide products, information and inspiration that help people reduce, re-use and recycle. Starting with the controlled-life plastic technology, a simple step of have an insurance coverage of the everyday plastic you use. This creates a "mindset" to make sure when we utilize the advantage of plastic material, we also act responsibly to prevent any pollution it may possible bring to our environment. 

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J-Trend Systems, Inc. is a member of Oxo-biodegradable Plastic Association, Green America (formerly Coop America Business Network),The Organic Trade Association and a certified distributor and user of d2w controlled-life plastic technology

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